Serafin Francisco Rey, Jr.
(aka Junior, Finnie, Frank)
March 5, 1925 - September 15, 2009

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Below are some images from September 25, 2009,
the day of Finnie's memorial service in Thermopolis, Wyoming, and from
December 19, 2009, the day of his military honors ceremony.
Click here to see a slide show of pictures from the day of the memorial service
created by Mary Jane Ashmore, a friend of Doug Rey. (Use the blue down arrow to
advance slides. Use upper left back button to return to In Memory of Finnie page.)

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Photo identifications (by row):
Row 1
1.- 3. Patriot Guard Riders in front of St. Francis Catholic Church
Row 2
4. Patriot Guard Riders at the cemetery
5. Rose at graveside
6. Dale, Terry, Doug and Sam
7. Sharon, Dale Ann and Sheldon
Row 3
8. Finnie's ashes in wooden box made by Sam
9.  Sarah and Sarah Lou
10. Rose, Sherry and Sam
11. Ken Hooper (right) [*see note below]
Row 4
12.- 14. Military presentation of the flag - unfolding
Row 5
15. - 17. Military presentation of the flag - unfolding
18. The playing of Taps
Row 6
19. - 22. Presentation of flag to Sharon
Row 7
23. Salute
24. Standing at attention
25. Finnie's grave - a gravestone will be provided by the Veteran's Administration [*see note below]
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Note: Ken Hooper, one of Sharon's classmates in school, is a member of the Wyoming Patriot Guard Riders. He was instrumental in making sure that the Patriot Guard Riders stood at the church and at the cemetery on the day of Finnie's memorial service. He also made sure that he got a wreath for Finnie's grave from the Wreaths Across America program in Casper. That organization puts a wreath at Christmas on the graves of veterans. Thank you, Ken, from all of the Rey family.