Rose Marie Rey
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Photo identifications (by row):
Row 1
1. Rose (Sis)
2. Sis
3. Sherry & Sis
Row 2
4. Sis, Ray & kids
5 Sis, Ray, Belle & Lafe on camping trip
6. Sis, Ray, kids, Belle, Lafe, Finnie, Madelen, Carole in Houston
7. Carole, Sis, Linda, Ray & Steve
Row 3
8. Bill & Sis dancing
9. Sis at Don's wedding in Denver
10. Belle, Sis and Steve
11. Steve, Linda, Sis & Glenda
Row 4
12. Sis, Belle, Sherry in Thermop (1995)
13. Sis, Glenda, Steve, Bev & kids
14. Sis in Dubois for Christmas before moving to Ohio
Row 5
15. Sis - 2005

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