Boot Camp Recording

When Finnie was in boot camp at Camp Fannin in Texas, Pepsi Cola sponsored a booth where soldiers could come and record a message. The message was recorded on a small 78 rpm record and was mailed back home using a 1 cent stamp. The addresses on the mailer are
From  Pvt. S. Rey   37356713              To Mrs. Belle Rey
Co D  68 Bn  - 14 Regt                               3140 Umatilla St.
Camp Fannin, Texas                                   Denver, Colorado
     U. S. Army

Click here* to listen to the message that Finnie recorded.

The text of his message as best as I can understand it is:

Hi Mom? I know I owe you a letter, but I thought I'd answer it this way. Surprised? Since I can't get home for some time, I thought you'd like it.  Probably now our training cycle is over. Rained last night. Little bit cooler, too. Wish I was up there to see it snow, though. Also to go hunting. I'd really like that. I'm all packed and ready to leave for school anytime now. Hope it's up north but I'm afraid I'll be down south for some time. Hi Sherry Lee.  It's Fin.(me?) You're sure pretty in your picture, honey. I'll send you a present soon. Wish I had my harmonica here and I'd play "Jingle Bells" for you. Sis, how do like school in Denver? Glad you liked the scarf I sent you. Write to me. I'll send some pictures pretty soon, Mom. I haven't had any taken yet. Sonny and Becky and Grandma, hope you are as well as I am. Well, I have to sign off now. Bye. Love and kisses.

* When you click on the word "here", a new window will open to play the sound file.