The Rey Family Website

UPDATE  February 8, 2010

The Rey Family Website is back online!  I had a problem with the hosting company I used, so this site is now being hosted by another company. I intend to begin updating the site as much as possible, and I am always looking for submissions. Thanks for your patience these past several months.


May 6, 2003

Dear Family,

Last fall I purchased this domain name ( and some web server space. My idea was to have sort of a digital photo album for the Rey family.  I have scanned pictures that I have collected of this family over the years and have tried to include as many of you as possible - at least to the level of my generation.   Obviously, I have more photos from my own branch of the family tree to pick from. However, I will be happy to post any pictures that you want to include.  When you click on the email link below or the "Contact Webmaster" link on the previous page, you can email me with information, corrections, and/or digital pictures to add to (or delete from!) pages.

A few years ago, some members of the family started a round robin letter. This website could follow that lead and eventually have things such as a birthday calendar or a news and announcements page (e.g. births, marriages, trips, awards, etc.).  Let me know your ideas, too. 

Also, if you know how to create webpages and post them (I use Front Page), I could make you a user to this site so you could do that for your branch of this family tree.  Please let me hear from you!  

Carole (Finnie's daughter)